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Birchfields Forensic Accountants: Tax Investigations
Our experts have been involved in many tax investigations, acting for clients who have been accused of diverting monies, suppressing profits, failing to report income or payments etc.

We treat each case sensitively and are able to guide clients through the process and front negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs to reduce client stress. We provide invaluable advice on disclosure and settlement arrangements.

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Case Study - Tax Investigations – Undeclared Earnings

The client had admitted to under-declaring cash sales income for a business involved in property investment, property trading, waste disposal, waste transfer and skip hire.

The client did not know the extent of the under-declarations and therefore we were instructed to prepare a detailed report which examined every aspect of the business  empire, and comment on whether the sales reported were consistent with core data.

Information prepared by the clients own reporting accountant was reconciled to core records, systems were reviewed for weaknesses and missing data was identified. The team was able to identify a large volume of sales orders which had not been converted into sales receipts, collate a schedule of potential missing income and verify the values with the client.

Our experts dealt directly with HM Revenue & Customs officers to achieve an acceptable settlement.