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Birchfields, Birchfields Chartered Accountants, Birchfields Forensic Accountants and Birchfields Corporate Finance are trading styles of Birchfields Accountants Limited, company no. 10355693, registered in England and Wales.

Birchfields Forensic Accountants: Business Valuations

We have extensive experience in carrying out business valuations, including many Single Joint Expert engagements.

Valuations are typically required in shareholder and partnership disputes, matrimonial arrangements and contractual disputes.

We deal with businesses of different sizes and complexity and over a wide range of activities.

Business Valuations:

Other recent assignments

  • Sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and LLP's
  • Care homes
  • Sale of livestock
  • Publishing company
  • Manufacture of large industrial plant
  • Compost sales
  • Engineering group
  • Motor repair and retail
  • Wind turbine construction
  • Entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Sale of power tools and plant
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Property investment
  • Retail of high-end furniture
  • Management training and consultancy
  • House construction
  • Shipping agency
  • ​Sale and hire of commercial vehicles
  • ​Customs clearance agency

Case Study - Business Valuation in Matrimonial Proceedings: High Street Retailer

In addition to the provision of a business valuation in matrimonial proceedings, we undertook a review of the drawings of the applicant, commented on the income available to the applicant and the amount of income undrawn, but reasonably expected to be available to the applicant in the near future. We also commented on the liquidity of the business in relation to its ability to pay dividends.


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Forensic Accountants

Corporate Finance Advisers

Case Study - Business Valuation: Construction Industry Contractor

In a matrimonial dispute, a valuation was prepared for the wife's shares in a construction industry business which provided infrastructure to a small number of major utilities providers.

The wife was a director and had a complex portfolio of shares with varying rights. There were added complexities due to the trading nature of the business. Most work was undertaken in 3 year contracting cycles and the business had variable profit levels, which  depended on the stage of contract completion and involved substantial estimations, apportionments of costs and provisions.

Case Study - Business Valuation: Plant Hire Partnership

This instruction required the valuation of a construction equipment plant hire partnership.

One of the partners was planning to retire, so the partnership sought a business valuation and guidance as to how the exiting partner could feasibly be paid from current cash reserves and future profits.

The valuation and advice provided to the client considered the necessity to replace the outgoing partner and involved full consultation with all partners. This achieved a satisfactory result, which was accepted by all parties.

Case Study - Business Valuation: Restaurant Chain

In this case Graham Garbett was instructed, as single joint expert, to prepare a business valuation in divorce proceedings between two of the three owners of a chain of restaurants.

The business had grown from a one unit sole trader to a multi-site partnership, but lacked a clear partnership structure and rewards system.

The business valuation was accepted by the parties involved. However, complications in this case arose in the allocation of that valuation to the partners. In the absence of any form of written agreement, Graham produced a number of different calculations which reflected the input by the partners, measured in terms of years in the business, hours worked and previous history of profit sharing. The calculations were presented as a report to the parties who were charged with agreeing a number of assumptions, narrowing the range of results and ultimately agreeing value share.

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